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How It Works - WetWorx Detailing Memberships

Welcome to WetWorx Detailing - where your vehicle's care is our top priority! Our membership plans are designed to keep your car looking pristine with regular maintenance detail sessions. Here's how to enjoy our services after you've chosen your membership:

Step 1: Choose Your Membership

Select from our Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Annual plans. Each plan is tailored to fit your car care needs and schedule.

  • Monthly Plan: Entitles you to 1 maintenance detail session per month.

  • Bi-Weekly Plan: Enjoy a maintenance detail session every two weeks.

  • Annual Plan: Book a total of 12 maintenance detail sessions throughout the year at your convenience.

Step 2: Book Your Sessions

Once your membership is active, log in to your WetWorx Detailing account. Navigate to the "Book a Session" section to schedule your maintenance detail sessions. Remember, the frequency of your bookings depends on your selected plan:

  • Monthly members can book one session each month.

  • Bi-weekly members are eligible to book one session every two weeks.

  • Annual members can schedule their 12 sessions at any time during the year.

  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance Membership

    Every 2 weeks
  • Monthly Maintenance Membership

    Every month
    Keep Your Ride Pristine All Year Round with Our Monthly Maintenance Membership
  • Best Value

    Annual Maintenance Membership

    Every year
    Year-Round Shine, Unmatched Care, Ultimate Vehicle Protection.
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